Unusual Human Uses for Aspirin

Athlete’s Foot:  Fungal skin irritations are easily treated by grinding 3 aspirin tablets until they are completely pulverized, and then mixing that powder with talcum powder.  Apply to feet two times a day to treat the fungus, and eventually help with the irritation.

Blemishes:  Make a paste with some water and powdered aspirin.  Apply to blemishes and rinse off after a few minutes with cool water.  Soothes the skin, reduces size of blemishes, and lessens redness.

Calluses:  To soften hard calluses on your feet grind 5-6 aspirin into a powder and make a paste by adding ½ t. each lemon juice and water.  Smear on the callus.  Wrap foot in a warm towel and then with a plastic bag to hold the heat and moisture.  Relax for at least 10 minutes.  Remove the bag and towel and start filing that callus – which by now is nice and soft – with a pumice stone.

Cartilage Bumps from Piercings:  After you’re tired of those piercing, sometimes small scars and bumps remain in the nose and ears, however, a paste of lemon juice and crushed aspirin, 2-3 times a day, will make them significantly smaller.

Chlorine Yellow Hair:  Dissolve 8-10 aspirin tablets in a glass of water and pour over hair prior to washing.  Let soak for 10 minutes.  Wash as usual.

Dandruff:  Crush two aspirin tablets and mix well with regular shampoo.  Leave on the hair for 2-3 minutes before washing.

Ingrown Toenails:  Dissolve 20 aspirin in a bathtub of warm water to relieve the pain, swelling and itching from an ingrown toenail.

Mosquito Bites & Bee Stings:  Moisten the bite with water and rub an aspirin over the spot to remove the sting and itch.

Nicotine Stained Hands:  Crush an aspirin and mix with lemon juice.  Rub on stains and they will go away.

Razor Bumps:  Mix crushed aspirin with glycerin and water and apply to painful, itchy razor bumps.  Relieves the pain and itch and reduces the redness.

Stretchmarks:  Gently apply an aspirin paste onto stretchmarks for about five minutes to reduce inflammation and tenderness. 

Toothache:  If you have a toothache and the dentist’s office is closed, make a paste of aspirin and a little water and pack it on.  It will help relieve the pain until help arrive

Note: NEVER take aspirin if it has a vinegary smell as this means it is past its prime.


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